Our People The very best person
for every role.

Maintaining our competitive edge requires uncommon effort to identify, attract and retain best-in-class people who fit our values, culture and share our vision, globally.

Our workforce must reflect the communities and cultures in which we operate. Accordingly, we believe strongly in diversity and reject any form of discrimination.

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new hires in 2019

Given our global footprint, we ensure that employees feel connected via hosted social and in-house educational events, an internal communications portal as well as regular e-mails from our CEO. We also promote:

Thinking outside the box
We take great pride in the uncompromising quality of our products and services. In-line with our core value of innovation we encourage intellectual curiosity and creativity as a means of creating better solutions both internally and externally.

Teamwork and learning from one another
In-line with our core value of transparency and constant improvement we value teamwork and mind-share across regions and product lines. We host product and thought leadership teach-ins through internal events.