Corporate social responsibility Giving back to
our communities.

Virtu is a community conscience company. Our community outreach efforts are widespread both geographically and in terms of the causes themselves which range from environmental issues, medical equipment supply, child wellness, hunger eradication, find-a-cure efforts, mental health and much more.

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Virtu intends to combine its existing and new community, educational outreach and regional charity initiatives into one global giving footprint. The effect of this unified approach will provide meaningful aid and sustained partnership where the need is greatest.

Virtu's success is not only measured in percentages and profits but by how we interact with the communities in which our employees, clients and investors live in across the globe

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Charitable works are a major touchstone of Virtu. Virtu not only gives but does. Virtu participates in many charitable marathons, environmental cleanups, soup kitchens, mentoring programs for children and the like. Virtu does this in conjunction with some of its clients so there is a definitive sense of purpose between company and company users.

Our people are passionate agents of change and so giving back is an important priority at the firm level.

In 2019, we initiated a Virtu Green campaign to reduce our footprint of single-use disposable cups and utensils in favor of compostable options. All US based offices are participating, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. In Europe (UK and continental offices) we have reusable utensils and dishes. Our forward looking goal is that all global offices will be fully transitioned to LED lights for better energy efficiency.

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Diversity and gender equality is embraced and reflected in our employee make-up; it is also emphasized firm-wide in our recruiting and hiring practices. Promoting women in capital markets is an important goal for Virtu. At our headquarters in NYC, we launched Winternship for college sophomore women. It is a one-week program aimed at introducing students to financial services and showcasing Virtu’s role in the capital markets. The program was such a success that the Winternship program will be expanded to other regional offices in 2021.